Proud Supporters of CIF Safety Month

5 October 2023

We’re proud to support our industry colleagues with this year’s Construction Industry Federation (CIF) Safety month.

Promoting Safety Across Sites and the Industry

We understand the importance of working together to ensure zero casualties across our industry and we will be working with our teams throughout the month of October to reiterate safety practices and create a safe environment for all.

About CIF Safety Month

The theme of Construction Safety Month 2023 is Focus on Critical Risk. #cifsafety23 #criticalrisk

As a contractor, depending on the sector, we encounter different critical risks in work.

Critical Risk: Activities we undertake frequently that, if not controlled, could lead to significant injury or fatality.

This safety month, CIF are asking construction companies and workers of all sectors to examine fundamental safety questions such as:

Do you know your critical risks?
Have you controls in place to manage these risks?
Are your colleagues aware of these risks?
Are the controls in place to protect safety adequate?

Remember, the power to shape the future lies in our hands. Together, we can make a difference.

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