How do solar panels perform on rainy days?

12 June 2024

We live in a climate that is changeable, to say the least. So it’s understandable that some people have reservations about installing solar panels anywhere that can be considered generally cloudy and wet. 

It’s a misconception that solar panels cannot work when the sun isn’t shining brightly in the sky – there is still daylight to be converted into energy to power your home or office, it’s just that there’s less to work with. 

We install high quality solar panels that are able to operate in low light conditions as they convert ambient light to energy and they do not necessarily rely on direct sunlight. This makes our panels highly efficient and reliable, plus it reduces strain on the grid and maximises cost efficiency. 

On average, solar panels perform at 10-25% capacity on a cloudy or rainy day but they can also be up to 40-50% efficient, depending on circumstances. 

There are of course varying factors as to where on the scale they perform such as quality of panels, how much light is actually getting through the clouds or how many panels you have. This makes it very difficult to give an exact figure on how well your setup will perform when it’s cloudy. 

There are also some benefits of rain for your solar panels – it cleans the panels removing any dirt that may be covering cells, making them more efficient and able to trap light when it’s available. 

While solar panels are more efficient on bright, sunny days, there’s no need to be concerned that no power will be generated from them on duller, rainy days. There is technology in place to make sure that even low light can generate electricity, so the only time your solar panels will be idle is at night when there is no sunlight to turn into power. 

When we assess your property for solar panel installation we take into consideration the position of the building and create a plan to maximise sunlight, factoring in any external elements that may cause shade. 

We also offer energy storage solutions that make sure any energy stored is utilised effectively, giving you round-the-clock power and peace of mind.  

Even where we can’t control weather conditions, we can provide reliable solutions to balance out low light meaning you get the most out of your solar panels all year round. 

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