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For Your Solar Panels

Getting a Solar PV system installed will return financial benefits immediately, offering significant savings on your energy bills. There are year-round savings to be made, with more substantial savings in the summer compared to winter.

Here are some ways you can get the most out of your solar panels: 

Useful tips:

  • Keep your solar panels clean. Dust, dirt and leaves cover up areas and make them less effective as they can absorb less sunlight
  • Schedule regular solar panel maintenance. Catching any issues early will mean less downtime if the issues get worse
  • Reducing energy consumption around your home or workplace will give you further benefits – it’s easy to become complacent but the more energy you can save the further savings you’ll see
  • Get a personalised solar panel quotation based on your circumstances, building and requirements to fully optimise their use
  • Get an energy storage device installed – solar panels can generate excess energy, especially on sunny days, so you can use the stored energy later on
  • Keep solar panels cool – Mastertech engineers will make sure the spacing between panels and between the roof is optimal for cooling all year round
  • If you’re planning on planting trees in your garden or around your office, make sure they won’t make any part of your panels more shady
  • Get grants for solar panel installation. Make use of any incentives available. We can advise you on that alongside quotations and installation
  • You can also sell electricity to the grid! If your panels produce surplus energy you can ‘sell’ it back to the grid for credit on your next bill

Get in touch with the Mastertech team to find out more about Solar PV systems, grants available for solar panel installation and what we can do to help you.

You can also read more about the economical and environmental benefits of Solar PV panels on our blog.  

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